This contract is Natural Gas priced in United States Dollars.  The price shown is the price of 1 MMBTU of Natural Gas denominated in USD.  1 lot of NATGAS in MetaTrader = 1,000 MMBTU of Natural Gas.  MMBTU refers to one million British Thermal Units (BTU)

Trading Hours:

NATGAS trades Monday - Friday from 01:00 - 23:59 server time.


NATGAS has a variable spread that will widen and narrow due to market conditions.

Minimum Per-Click Trade Size:

The minimum number of contracts per click for NATGAS is 0.01.  This is equivalent to 10 MMBTU of Natural Gas.

Maximum Per-Click Trade Size:

The maximum number of contracts per click for NATGAS is 100This is equivalent to 100,000 MMBTU of Natural Gas.

Maximum Total Exposure:

The maximum total exposure is the total sum of all NATGAS positions currently open on the trading account.  The maximum total exposure is based on the leverage of the trading account.  You can set your leverage by going to and clicking the Gear next to the account you would like to change under Settings.  You will then navigate to the SET LEVERAGE tab.  The default setting when you sign up is FX 500 - BTC 50.

  • FX 500 - BTC 50; NATGAS leverage = 1:500; maximum total exposure = 55 lots NATGAS.
  • FX 200 - BTC 25NATGAS leverage = 1:200; maximum total exposure = 75 lots NATGAS.
  • FX 100 - BTC 10NATGAS leverage = 1:100; maximum total exposure = 100 lots NATGAS.
  • FX 50 - BTC 5NATGAS leverage = 1:50; maximum total exposure = 500 lots NATGAS.

Point Value:

NATGAS has a minimum value of 0.001 USD.  Therefore, each 0.001 price movement of NATGAS is equal to 1 point. 

Number of MT4/MT5 lots equal to 1 MMBTU Natural Gas:

0.001 lots of NATGAS is equal to 1.0 MMBTU of Natural Gas.  However, as the minimum trade size is 0.01 Lots, the minimum trade is 10 MMBTUs of Natural Gas.

Margin Requirement:

NATGAS has a maximum leverage of 1:500, or 0.2% margin requirement.

For example, to open 1 lot of NATGAS at 0.2% margin requirement at a NATGAS price of $3.00, the margin requirement would be $3.00 * 1,000 * 0.002 = $6 USD, converted into your deposit currency.

Overnight Funding - Swap Rates:

NATGAS has an overnight funding charge (Displayed as Swap in MetaTrader).

The current overnight funding (swap) rate is displayed in MetaTrader 4 and 5 by right clicking on the symbol and choosing 'Specification'.  The swap is applied at 00:00 server time Monday through Friday and is 3x on Fridays.  The swap is displayed in Points, and the point value of NATGAS is 1 point = $1.00 USD.

Contract Type:

NATGAS is a Contract for Difference otherwise known as a CFD.  CFDs allow speculation on the market price of NATGAS without physical delivery of the underlying asset.

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