leverage Settings

Metatrader 5 Leverage Settings

The Evolve Markets Metatrader 5 platform offers up to 500:1 leverage for FX and 50:1 Leverage for Bitcoin and altcoins. 

To access the trading accounts leverage settings, click on the settings function next to the trading account:

Next, select the leverage Tab:

All accounts are created with the default leverage settings called "FX 500 - BTC 50".

Max Exposure in MT5 lots indicates the maximum cumulative net size in a single direction that can be open per trading symbol under the current leverage setting. 

For example, the leverage settings of "FX 500 - BTC 50" would allow you to use 500:1 leverage and open upto 55 Lots of EURUSD exposure in a single direction. When trying to open more than 55 lots of exposure in one direction, the platform will give an error "Volume limit reached" . If you wish to trade larger positions sizes than indicated on the table, it's required to change the leverage settings when there are no or orders in the account.