What type of accounts do you offer?

We provide one account type, which features raw variable spreads, swap (interest rate) payouts and charges, and fixed percentage commissions for all trading pairs on Evolve Webtrader and Metatrader (MT5).

Hedging and Netting account modes

On every trading account, you can select between two account modes:

  • Hedging – allows long and short positions for each symbol simultaneously
  • Netting – consolidates all long and short trades into 1 position per symbol

Crypto, Gold, and USD trading accounts

Evolve is a crypto native trading platform on which you can trade with bitcoin, altcoin, USD-margined, and gold-margined accounts. The available account currencies are BTC, USD, LTC, ETH, SOL, and XAU.

Leverage up to 1000x

Maximum leverage is up to 100x for crypto trading and stocks, 1000x for Forex, and 500x for commodities and indices.

Find more information here: What is the maximum leverage available?