How to change the account leverage?

Evolve Markets offers some of the highest leverage of any derivatives brokerage, up to 100x for crypto trading and stocks, 1000x for forex, and 500x for commodities and indices. However, some traders prefer to lower their leverage for risk management purposes. In reality, using lower leverage is simply opening a smaller position relative to your account size, but we also provide the option to set a lower Maximum Leverage Limit. At the moment when you open a trade, the platform will calculate your margin using our default leverage schedule and compare that with your Maximum Leverage Limit setting, and take the lower of the two. For example, if the maximum leverage on BTCUSD is 100x and you have set your Maximum Leverage limit to 10, your final leverage will be 10x.

Login to your Evolve account and in the top left corner click on the menu.

Go to  Accounts, select the trading account you wish to change, and select your desired leverage limit from the drop-down menu.

Please note that any orders and positions within that trading account must be closed before changing the leverage limit.

For a detailed explanation of how leverage and margin work at Evolve Markets, please see this blog article: How Margin and Leverage Works at Evolve Markets.