How to set 2FA?

To protect your account with an additional layer of security you can enable Two-Factor authentication on your withdrawals and also on your account login.


In order to enable 2FA, navigate to Manage Profile and open Security tab:

On the Setup dialog you will be provided with Secure Key and QR code. In authenticator app on your phone/device you can create new entry by manually entering the Secret Key, or simply by scanning the QR code in your app. 
Before entering the 6-digit code and confirming the 2FA security on your account, please ensure that you save the backup code (Secure Key) in a secure place, if you may need to restore your 2FA access at any later date. 

With 2FA security enabled you can set 2FA only for withdrawals, only for web login, or leave 2FA for both (default). Any changes to 2FA settings will require the confirmation with 6-digit 2FA code.